What It Is

The CHALLENGER Soccer Racket is the world’s only interactive high performance soccer rebound system. The Soccer Racket is the latest advancement in personal soccer training equipment and provides a challenging practice session for the serious soccer enthusiast at all skill levels.

The Soccer Racket provides the soccer player intent on being the best a means to quickly improve each of the soccer skills; passing, ball-control, trapping, striking, even keeper and throw-in skills.  The high-intensity – interactive workout session provided by the Soccer Racket is un-matched by predecessor rebound goals which are constructed of nets or backboards, and tend to “roll” the ball back to the athlete. The Soccer Racket does not use a net. Instead it uses the same rebound surface which has been used in tennis rackets for decades. The result is a highly efficient and powerfully interactive practice session that can furnish a full game’s worth of skill usage in minutes !

The Soccer Racket is exactly what the name implies; a racket made for soccer. The Soccer Racket frame is strung with an extra heavy gauge, UV-protected racket string. The racket string forms a taut and very lively rebound surface which will rebound a soccer ball at virtually the same speed as it was kicked, thrown, or headed.

The CHALLENGER is the latest technology Soccer Racket and combines all the capability from its RAPID-FIRE predesessors in a much smaller and completely portable package. It is quickly folded up into a portable package which is easily hand-carried and moved to another location. The CHALLENGER Soccer Racket is adjustable to five orientations, to provide you a wide range of soccer challenges.

Players using a Soccer Racket find it challenges them at every skill of the game. The Soccer Racket is well suited for athletes at all skill levels since its power is derived directly from the athlete. Novice soccer players will find their practice session well-matched for their skill level as they groove their skills on the Racket. Experienced players will also find the Racket the ultimate challenge as it rebounds their powerful passes with lightning-quick speed which puts their trapping skills to the test. At any skill level, you had better be ready to play – or get out of the way!