Steve Nash Buys a Soccer Team

Steve Nash was one of my all-time favorites.  I’m obviously a big soccer fan, but basketball is a close second for me.

That is why I was so excited when I found out that Nash has purchased a soccer team.

Not him specifically, but he joined a group that includes Phoenix Suns owner Robert Saver.  They are called Liga ACQ Legacy Partners.

The group purchased the Spanish professional soccer club called RCD Mallorca.  The team is in the second division of La Liga after being relegated.  Mallorca spent the previous 16 years in the top flight.

Fans had to be pumped about getting a different owner, but one of Nash’s stature is extra special.  He was a star for the international basketball scene when he played for his country of Canada.

Nash’s role is still up in the air, but Marca has said that he will be involved in the day-to-day.

This wasn’t the first team Nash and Sarver had tried to buy.  A deal with Levante fell through last summer.

The team recently ran into some financial issues and went bankrupt.  They were taken over by the government and they put up for sale to recoup the investment.

But, things didn’t work out.  This time it did.

You might be surprised that Nash would partner up with Sarver.  Server was largely responsible for trading the Suns great from Phoenix to Los Angeles in 2012.  Everyone knew it was time to rebuild, but Nash appreciated the fact that he was sent to LA.  It was supposed to be a win-win, but Nash never lived up to his end of the deal for the Lakers.  Still, Sarver made sure that Nash was kept within a close distance to his children.

If you don’t think Nash has any soccer skills, then check out this video of him playing during the NBA lockout back in 2011. He played a lot of soccer to stay fit and keep up his agility skills.

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